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We design and build high-accuracy Real-Time Location Systems using best technologies to suit your needs. 



We are Real-Time Tracking Systems experts. As we know every case is different, we are able to offer you a range of innovative solutions that will suit your needs. RTLS allows localization, identification and supervision of objects in a 3D space in real time and with accuracy of few inches.

How it works

Our system is based on a number of sensors (antennas) and tags that emit, depending on the application, Bluetooth, and/or UWB signals. In addition to the location data, system is also capable of sending or receiving third-party information such as: humidity, temperature or heart rate. We can also combine our technology with GPS creating both indoor and outdoor tracking solution.


Possibilities are endless. Our solution can monitor movement of goods, parts, valuable assets or people. It can be used in manufacturing, logistics, healthcare, security, airport operations, sport with accuracy of few inches. It significantly reduces the cost of searching and identifying assets and improves security and quality control. It can also be used for location based marketing purposes.

Contextual information about the location

A flexible interface (API) which allows integration with other third-party systems (ERP, WMS, etc.) is a huge solution’s advantage.

Livefeed informations

Streamlining a workflow through work optimization, downtimes elimination, localization, reducing the time of searching for missing assets or needed staff is our system’s main objective..

Technology overview

Our Real Time Location Services (RTLS) are accurate up to a couple of inches, even for fast moving objects. Our system uses two-way over-the-air communication between tags/mobile devices and Locators. This enables real-time control and commanding of the tags or mobile phones, either locally or remotely. Far field detectors are ranging up to 300m and are suitable for external installation yet measure 400 x 300 x 60mm. We can track in real time in 3D and playback traces in 4D.

Interacts with mobile devices – push notifications, actions triggering

Remote system monitoring

Tracks Bluetooth Smart tags and devices

Real time data (update rate to 100Hz)

Continuous Sub-meter accuracy down to 10cm


BLE based System Specification
• Location refresh rate up to 100 Hz
• Latency down to 100ms
• Bluetooth Interference‐free (channels on 2.4 GHz ISM band)
• Pinpoint Tag location with only one Locator
• Long Tag battery life (several years)
• Open and customisable Tag design and functions
• Can track any standard Bluetooth Low Energy device
• Local and/or cloud‐based software installation
• Active Remote Monitoring with telemetry, continuous
diagnostics, fault detection and automatic recovery
• Bluetooth registered and FCC/CE/IC/NCC ‐ certified
• Outdoor usage ‐ certified


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