We can help you stay ahead of the innovation curve to maximise the potential of new technologies.

We provide location based tailor-made technology to commercial
clients around the world to let people digitally interact with reality
through their mobile devices.


We discover, design & build digital experiences

Our solutions allow you to scale your business to any size. Thanks to us, the development of your company is not limited by the lack of available technological solutions.

We use solutions available on the market, as well as create new ones tailored to your needs.

Our approach and software development methodologies expand your company’s development opportunities.

Proximity Solutions

We provide comprehensive proximity marketing and indoor/outdoor navigation solutions based on Smart Bluetooth technology. Asset tracking, proximity marketing, indoor and outdoor navigation and positioning is now within the reach of your hands. Possibilities are endless...

Real-time Location System

Proxicon is your conduit to adopting these advancements and realising your future potential. We will help you imagine today what your reality can be tomorrow.

Web & App Development

Fast pace of innovation is only of use to those who can comprehend, adapt and implement those concepts to their benefit. We will help you imagine today what your reality can be tomorrow.

Our RTLS solutions


–– luggage tracking
–– security staff tracking (with panic button)
–– asset tracking
–– ground based operations


–– queuing systems – out- and in-patients
–– patients registration
–– patients’ tracking including third party real-time
     information such as body temperature or heart rate
–– patients information and patients data
–– critical asset tracking
–– personnel tracking including implementation
     of business rules
–– alarm triggering

Warehouse Management

–– tracking of goods
–– goods route history
–– alerts
–– forklifts tracking

All events taking place through the platform are registered and displayed to you on analytics pages. In addition to information about most popular places and days, the platform generates a heat map about relative popularity of different indoor and outdoor areas covered by your solution.


Range of Proxicon capabilities

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